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Using Wayang for the Classroom




There are a number of ways to integrate Wayang Outpost or the Wayang Mathematics Tutor into your classroom.   Used individually, or in combination, these methods can suit any curriculum.



Use Wayang:

as a supplement to your regular mathematics texts

Variety helps keep students interested.   Students who find a textbook presentation difficult to understand may benefit from interactive lessons.   Those who are lagging behind can use Wayang a few minutes each day to help them catch up. Advanced students may enjoy the challenge of the more difficult problems available in Wayang.  Since Wayang has problems appropriate for middle school though college preparatory mathematics, as well as review exercises for third and fourth grade math skills, it’s useful for classes with a wide range of needs.

to prepare for standardized tests

Students who have used Wayang Outpost prior to standardized tests get higher scores.  Twenty minutes per day for two weeks was enough to show significant improvement.

for a Flipped Classroom model

Wayang is available online.  Using home or library computers, students practice math skills before an in-depth classroom presentation.  Students arrive in class familiar with the material, and ready to ask questions.  Students may then collaborate with each other in class, freeing teacher to offer help in small groups or one-on-one.

How would you use Wayang for the classroom?

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Pedagogy, like language itself, can either liberate or imprison ideas, inspire or suffocate constructive thinking.

Hyman Bass, from “Mathematicians as Educators”

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