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MASTHEAD: Wayang Math Tutor

Math Practice Software for Standardized Tests

blackboardThe Wayang Math Tutor is an intelligent electronic tutoring system designed to learn along with the student. Using interactive multimedia, the Wayang Math Tutor helps prepare middle and high school students for standardized math tests, such as the SAT, MCAS and CA-Star. Wayang provides self-paced review for students preparing for college level mathematics and adults who want to refresh their math skills.

As you progresses through the math problems presented, the tutor adapts to your individual learning pace and style. The tutor is available free to students, teachers, schools, after-school programs, and for use from home. You may log in as a guest to try at the program.*

Wayang Teacher Tools help teachers assess students' strengths and need areas. Tutoring sessions are customized to support lesson plans.

*Guests are offered all of the same lessons and exercise as registered users, but your information will not be saved for future logins.

Using The Wayang in the Classroom

classroomCurrently, most high schools have special classes for test preparation (such as. SAT-prep or MCAS-prep classes) or remedial math classes for those students who have not passed test required for graduation. Wayang Math Tutor is an excellent tutoring tool for these kinds of classes. It's proven to increases students' scores.

Our research studies show that students improved 10% of their score after 2 hours of instruction and 20% after 3 hours using our tutoring system, on problems similar to those tested in SAT, MCAS and CA-Star. For many students, this is the difference between passing and not passing the test.

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Learning Should be Fun

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  • Help is always available, and you are never penalized for asking for help.
  • There is more than one hint for each problem, so you may ask for help whenever you need to.
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Parents want their children to do well


father and daughterCareers that require strong math and science skills are among the fastest growing and highest paying in the nation. Along the way to their goals, standardized tests are a challenge students face. Doing well on tests such as SATs and the Massachusetts MCAS help ensure greater educational success and opportunity.



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logo: National Science Foundation The research for Wayang Outpost was funded by several NSF grants: "Preparing for College: Using Technology to Support Achievement for Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics", Woolf and Burleson (PIs) with Arroyo (#0931237, HRD RDE); "What kind of Math Software works for Girls?" Arroyo (PI) with Royer and Woolf (#0734060, HRD GSE/RES); "Affective Learning Companions: Modeling and supporting emotion during teaching", Woolf and Burleson (PIs) with Arroyo, Barto, and Fisher (#0705554, IIS/HCC); and a grant from the US Department of Education, Institute of Education (IES) Using Intelligent Tutoring and Universal Design To Customize The Mathematics Curriculum, to Woolf (PI) with Arroyo and Maloy (co-PIs).

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